In House Ministries

A ministry is defined as "something that serves as an instrument or means". Agape IC’s In-house ministries create an environment where you will encounter God and build meaningful relationships. Each ministry plays a strategic role in strengthening your journey with Christ.

    M.M.V.P Ministry (Men's Ministry)
  • Co-President - Minister Calvin CurryEmail Minister Curry
  • Co-President - Minister James RossEmail Minister Ross
  • The Mission and driving force of the Men's Auxiliary is to follow Christ's example in our pursuit to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a society that often devalues Christian manhood. The Mighty Men of Valor and Purpose (M.M.V.P.) of Agape International Cathedral will strive to be positive examples of manhood, courage, and enthusiasm for the things of God.
    S.E.E.D Ministry(Women's Ministry)
  • President - Lady LoganEmail Lady Cheryl Logan
  • Vice President - Evangelist Marlene SmithEvangelist Marlene Smith
  • Vice President - Evangelist Deborah SimpsonEvangelist Deborah Simpson
  • Spiritual Mother - Loretta MarshallSpiritual Mother Loretta Marshall
  • Treasurer/Secretary – Dr. Brooke WoodardDr. Brooke Woodard
  • The mission of S.E.E.D. (Sisters Empowered and Equipped for Destiny ) is to nurture wholeness in women by taking a holistic approach through edification in the offering of programs designed to minister spiritual, physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs. Through worship, fellowship and discipleship, we foster in the love of Christ in our commitment to serve and support one another.
    Youth Ministry (Ages 3 years - 18 years)
  • President - Sister Christina Delong Email Sister Christina
  • Vice President – Sister Alex PollardSister Alex Pollard
  • Secretary – Sister Dasha BrewerSister Dasha Brewer
  • Sergeant-at-Arms – Evangelist Dawanna ColemanEvangelist Dawanna Coleman
  • The purpose of our Youth Ministry is to shape and guide the spiritual growth of our Young people at Agape International Cathedral and in our community. This ministry is intended to engage the youth and capture their attention for God's purpose in their lives.
    Single's Ministry (Ages 19 and up)
  • Email Evangelist Dawanna
  • The Single’s ministry fosters the building of relationship with the Lord in order to reach our expected end! We strive to be content in our single season by delighting ourselves in the fullness and joy of the Lord.
    Usher Board Ministry
  • President - Minister Iula Ross Email Minister Iula
  • Vice President - Sister Harriette KibbySister Harriette Kibby
  • The Usher board ministry ensures that the presence of God moves freely in the sanctuary. We assist our leaders in every capacity to ensure the atmosphere is free from chaos.
    Worship Ministry
  • Music Director - Minister Manny Logan Email Minister Logan
  • The purpose of the Worship Ministry is to give God glory, honor and praise while ushering in His presence and prophetic 'flow’ leading people in authentic worship to create a spiritual atmosphere that is in line with the vision of AGAPE as given by our Senior Pastor. We want those entering the sanctuary to experience God’s anointed presence and feel His love throughout the worship service
    Ministry In Arts
  • President - Minister Yunika Shuff Email Minister Shuff
  • It is our goal that everyone realizes their purpose through the Ministry In Arts; where gifts and talents are cultivated and spiritual character and confidence is developed.
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Service Schedule


Training for Reigning (Sunday School): 9:30 - 10:30 am

Classes are available for all ages.

Worship Services: 10:45 am

Message by Pastor Scott Logan

3rd Sunday - Evening Worship Services: 5:00 pm


Corporate Prayer: 7:30 pm


Family "WORD" Night (Bible Study): 7:30 pm


Men's Fellowship: 7:30 pm


1st - Youth Fellowship: 7:30 pm

1st - First Friday Prayer: 9:30 pm

3rd - Youth Service: 7:30 pm

4th - Women's Ministry: 7:30 pm


Watchtower Prayer - 8:00 am