Christian Education

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth 2 Timothy 2:15 The Christian Education ministry at Agape IC focuses on increasing the knowledge of Believers about Christ by providing spiritual development platforms, education and support for the purpose of strengthening the church in their daily walk in order to maintain salvation in today's world.

    The Sunday School of Training for Reigning
  • Superintendent - TBD TBD
  • Assistant Superintendent - TBD
  • To see the lives of people strengthened to where they themselves are able to be disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ and win souls into the Kingdom of God.
    Ministers In Training: M.I.T.
  • Instructor - Elder Ernest Jones Email Elder Jones
  • Ministry in Training is a course provided to every member of AGAPE as a means of support in developing their ability to serve not just in the local body but in the Kingdom. We are commissioned to serve God’s people with a “Spirit of Excellence” representing Christ as our Head. Included in this 12-week course study is:
    • Knowing Your Bible
    • Servitude in the Kingdom
    • Our Parent Organization structure (P.A.W. Inc)
    • Our local church structure and ministry order
    • Defining your Leadership skills
    • Ministry discipline, character & etiquette
    Marriage Enrichment
  • Instructors - Pastor Scott Logan Email Pastor Scott and Lady Cheryl Logan Email Lady Cheryl Logan
  • It is the purpose of Marriage Enrichment to provide strength, encouragement, and support to married couples through positive interaction and fellowship with other married couples. As the couple is strengthened, so goes the family - - as one. Mark 10:8-9
    AGAPE International Bible Institute - Satellite of Aenon Bible College
  • Dean - Pastor Scott LoganEmail Pastor Scott
  • We are a distance learning satellite that has been established to offer a classroom environment at OUR site. As a satellite of AENON Bible College, we are accredited and able to offer certificate and degree programs which may be transferable to other colleges and universities.
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Service Schedule


Training for Reigning (Sunday School): 9:30 - 10:30 am

Classes are available for all ages.

Worship Services: 10:45 am

Message by Pastor Scott Logan

3rd Sunday - Evening Worship Services: 5:00 pm


Corporate Prayer: 7:30 pm


Family "WORD" Night (Bible Study): 7:30 pm


Men's Fellowship: 7:30 pm


1st - Youth Fellowship: 7:30 pm

1st - First Friday Prayer: 9:30 pm

3rd - Youth Service: 7:30 pm

4th - Women's Ministry: 7:30 pm


Watchtower Prayer - 8:00 am